About Me

This is what I do.

Hello and thanks for visiting my website! My name is Jay McCoy and i am a Software Developer, i been writting code for a few years now, and i absolutely love it! Now sit down, relax and see who i am and what i can do.

I was born in Mexico, Tijuna Baja California, Mexico to be more exact, and i can already hear your questions, "A fair skinned redhead like you is from Mexico?!" Yeah, yeah I am "Jay, are you related to Canelo Alvarez, can I get his autograph?!" Unfortunately we are not related, if I was I would probably be in a yatch somewhere drinking an appletini, don't judge me!.

I loved living in Mexico, there were delicious taco stand on every corner! But we also realized that it was becoming more and more dangerous living there, so we immigrated to the United States and I couldn't be happier, it's given my family and I so much and we are extremely grateful.

I will speed this along, I know you are facinated by my story but I got to code, and you have to work or sleep or watch more romantic comedies. I received my bachelor degree in biology, from California State University Channel Islands, but it wasn't up until I started working in the field that I realized that I hated it, but thankfully I already knew what to do next, programming! Besides taking biology classes in college I also took quite a few computer science classes, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Java, etc. Not only that but in my hopes to become a better programmer I enrolled in a coding bootcamp called Bloc, where I am learning a multitude of languages and perfecting the ones I already know. I code side by side with my mentor whom let's me know how I am doing.

These are some of my completed projects!

Bloc Jams

Bloc Jams

This is my first website project, it is a music player which plays 5 different songs and it served as our base for the other diffrent projects below. It was built using HTML, CSS, Javascript and JQuery. I used Buzz! as our javascript library, and it made it very easy to manage our audio files and settings.

Bloc Jams Angular

Bloc Jams

Bloc Jams Angular is very similar to Bloc Jams, but written in all AngularJS, Javscript and JQuery. This was my first experience with dealing with AngularJS, but it was an excellent stepping stone, becuase it showed me how to play around with angular and achieve what I want. It was critical for the production of Biometrics and Bloc Chat.

Bloc Jams Biometrics

Bloc Jams

Thanks to the knowledge I acquired from Bloc Jams Angular, I was able to keep track of many of the metrics related to the user's interactions with the site. The one I focused on was, how many times a song was played and organize them all using a fancy chart maker called nVd3.

Bloc Chat

Bloc Jams

Bloc Chat is a forum-like messaging site, which utilises Googles Firebase cloud platform, to keep track of the username, the room and the content. Very educational site to write as it thought me how to manage everything at once.