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Posted by Jay on August 24, 2017

My Experiences with Bloc

Bloc has been crucial to my development skills, I have learned so many languages and many time saving techniques that it has been incredible!
My mentors have played a big role as well, they constantly let me know on ways that I could improve and it's worked wonders. Before joining Bloc, I was working a dead end job (I still am, but that will change!) we don't get complimented for our hard work and the option to "climb the ladder" is really non-existant, knowing this really lit a fire inside me and their criticism only helps to propel me even further!

I would change nothing about Bloc, it's been everything I hoped and more! I will admit that it hasn't been easy, I get home from work exhausted but I always make time to code, it's not a chore to learn, I crave it! and yes I been stuck multiple times, but the moment where it all just clicks, and you start to understand the problem it really makes up for everything!. I am really excited for my future and I hope I get stuck a million more times, I don't want the easy path, I want to be challenged... and overcome every single time.

Posted by Jay on June 26, 2017